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Biodiversity management planning

Biodiversity management planning is undertaken to provide information on, and coordinated action for, the conservation of the natural environment of NSW. It can be undertaken at broad or local levels, in protected areas such as national parks and nature reserves as well as in mixed tenure areas and on private land.

Through its involvement in biodiversity management planning, OEH ensures:

  • recovery efforts for threatened species and communities are coordinated and prioritised
  • biodiversity corridors and the integrity of species' habitats are maintained or re-established
  • government and other land management agencies, the Indigenous community, landholders and community groups work together to conserve or improve biodiversity
  • priority areas for conservation and rehabilitation are identified.

What's new in biodiversity management planning?

OEH and the Murray Catchment Management Authority have worked together to produce the Draft NSW Murray Biodiversity Management Plan (draft Murray BMP). This plan identifies the important areas in the NSW Murray Catchment where management and restoration of native vegetation will have the best biodiversity outcomes.

The Murray BMP will be an invaluable guide for future investment in natural resource management. 

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Page last updated: 18 April 2016