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OEH has progressed a number of initiatives to address some of the issues raised in the submissions on the Draft NSW Biodiversity Strategy (draft Strategy):

  • Native Vegetation Management (NVM) Benefits mapping: Development of revised NVM Benefits mapping that can be used to guide investment in native vegetation management by land managers and included in catchment management authority (CMA) catchment action plan (CAP) upgrades. The mapping has incorporated improved state scale spatial layers and addresses concerns raised in the submissions regarding the priority area mapping in the draft strategy. More information is available on the OEH ancillary vegetation products webpage.
  • NSW Native Vegetation Management Benefits Analyses Technical report (120905NVMTecRep.pdf, 1.49MB) - an updated technical report to support the revised modelling used to generate the NVM Benefits mapping.
  • Investing in Native Vegetation Management and Threatened Species Programs in NSW (120904NVMGuide.pdf, 1.24MB) - a guide note that explains to CMAs how the NVM Benefits mapping can be incorporated into upgrades of their CAPs.
  • Biodiversity Certification of Catchment Action Plans (120903BioCertGN.pdf, 195kB) - a guide note that provides the CMAs with a broad overview about integrating biodiversity conservation programs into upgraded catchment action plans (CAPs).

In addition, work is continuing on the development of OEH priority research needs; an improved threatened species management program; and opportunities to deliver information better to our stakeholders and local communities. This work will be progressively rolled out on the OEH website as it is completed.

Draft NSW Biodiversity Strategy 2010-2015

A draft NSW Biodiversity Strategy 2010-2015 (the draft Strategy), was prepared by the former Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water (DECCW) and Industry and Investment NSW (I&I NSW). It aimed to provide a framework to coordinate and guide investment in biodiversity conservation in NSW.

The following approaches were used to develop the draft Strategy:

  • more effective targeting of existing public and private investment in biodiversity conservation to maximise outcomes through the identification of state scale priority area for investment
  • use of existing regional structures and mechanisms to deliver biodiversity outcomes (such as the catchment management authorities, local government and other public authorities), avoiding the need for new arrangements
  • acknowledgment of, and continuing support for, existing programs delivered by many government and non-government partners that result in significant outcomes for biodiversity conservation
  • the importance of partnerships across public and private sectors to deliver biodiversity outcomes based on the best available science.

Read or download the draft Strategy (10821DraftBioStrat.pdf, 1.7MB).

The draft Strategy was released for public consultation on 24 November 2010. The public consultation period ended on Friday 11 February 2011. A total of 88 submissions were received from a range of respondents including individuals, local councils and local council organisations, catchment management authorities, government agencies and bodies, industry and professional organisations, consultants and conservation groups.

Towards a new Biodiversity Strategy: the 2008 discussion paper

DECCW and I&I NSW released a NSW Biodiversity Strategy Discussion Paper for public comment in November 2008. Submissions on the discussion paper closed in February 2009 and were used to inform the development of the draft Strategy.

You can still view A new Biodiversity Strategy for NSW: discussion paper (08398biostr.pdf, 1MB).

You can also view a summary of the submissions received on the Discussion Paper and the policy response

NSW Biodiversity Strategy 1999-2003

Information on the first NSW Biodiversity Strategy is available here.

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