OEH logo guidelines

Guidelines for use of the waratah logo:

Guidelines for use of the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) logo follow the requirements of the NSW Government Branding Style Guide.

Where OEH is the publisher of a document, only the OEH brand should appear on the cover. Acknowledgment of funding or content support should be included on the imprint page (or back panel of a small format publication). The exception to this is where funding guidelines specifically state that logo of the funding body or program is to appear on cover.

Where more that one NSW government agency co-publishes a document, then the NSW Government version of the waratah is to be used. Agency contributions can be listed on the imprint page (or back panel of a small format publication) but multiple logos should not be included.

Colour: The logo should be used in full colour wherever possible. Where colour printing is not available, the logo may be reproduced in the black-and-white (mono) version.

Size: The minimum size of the logo is 15mm high. The best size to use on an A4 page is 17.5mm high.

Clear space: The amount of clear space is equal to the height of the letter N in NSW regardless of format or version. This is a scalable measurement, where clear space increases with the logo size.

Colour gradient

OEH colour logo

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EPSLargeOEH colour large
(OEHColour.eps, 499KB)
TIF LargeOEH colour large
(OEHColour.tif, 1.2MB)
JPG MediumOEH colour medium
(OEHColour.jpg, 205KB)
JPGSmallOEH colour small
(OEHColoursmall.jpg, 62KB)
SmallOEH colour small for Word
(OEHColourword.png, 42KB)


OEH 2-colour logo

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EPSLargeOEH two-colour large
(OEH2Colour.eps, 513KB)
TIF LargeOEH two-colour large
(OEH2Colour.tif, 1.2MB)
JPG MediumOEH two-colour medium
(OEH2Colour.jpg, 217KB)
JPGSmallOEH two-colour small
(OEH2Coloursmall.jpg, 49KB)
SmallOEH two-colour small for Word
(OEH2ColourWord.png, 95KB)


OEH black and white logo

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EPSLargeOEH mono large
(OEHBlack.eps, 441KB)
TIFMediumOEH mono medium
(OEHBlack.tif, 314KB)
OEH mono medium
(OEHBlack.jpg, 72KB)
JPGSmallOEH mono small
(OEHBlacksmall.jpg, 41KB)
SmallOEH mono small for Word
(OEHBlackWord.png, 26KB)

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Page last updated: 10 July 2013