Energy savings and resource efficiency


Stage 3: Getting finance step-by-step

Step-by-step guidance in how to secure your chosen finance for your energy efficiency or renewable energy project.

Loans, leases and Environmental Upgrade Agreements (EUAs)

The overall processes for securing a commercial loan, energy efficiency loan or lease are very similar. The process for EUAs requires some extra steps.

Step 1: Scope the project

  • Conduct an energy audit to determine the works required and the costs involved.
  • Identify preferred suppliers.

Step 2: Ensure eligibility

  • Check you are eligible for your chosen financial option by completing the relevant eligibility checklist in Section 6, page 21.

Step 3: Obtain council approval for the EUA

  • Complete and submit your local council’s EUA application form. If the application is approved, the council will issue the EUA template.
  • Details of the councils where EUAs are available are listed in Table 7.

Step 4: Contact financier and apply for finance

  • If you are an existing customer of the financier, contact your relationship manager.
  • If not, use the information provided in Section 2, page 13.
  • Complete the information collection template for the type of finance you are applying for and send this information to the financier. Information collection templates are contained in Section 6, page 21.

Step 5: Financier assessment of borrower and project

  • The financier conducts an initial assessment of you and your business and the project for which you are seeking finance. The financier will contact you with requests for further information, if needed.

Step 6: Letter of offer

  • The financier either refuses to provide the finance, or provides a letter of offer containing the offered terms and conditions of finance.
  • Once you are happy with the terms offered, you and the financier agree on the letter of offer.

Step 7: Complete the EUA template

  • If you intend to pass on EUA costs to tenants, inform them of this and obtain their agreement.
  • The template is then agreed to by you, the financier and your local council.

Step 8: Financier completes their credit risk assessment and confirms final terms

Step 9: Finalise and sign agreements

  • Finalise the scope of work for the project and sign purchase/construction agreements, as well as the letter of offer. In the case of an EUA, you also sign the EUA template..


On-bill financing

Check you are eligible for on-bill financing by completing the relevant eligibility checklist in Section 6.4, page 27.

On-bill financing is currently offered by Origin Energy and AGL in Australia. For information on the process for accessing on-bill finance, contact your client relationship manager at AGL or Origin Energy, if you are a customer of either, or use the contact details provided in Section 2, page 13. Origin Energy provide a factsheet with information on funding your project. Additionally the following websites provide further information:


Energy Services Agreement (ESA)

The following steps are required to secure an Energy Services Agreement (ESA).

Step 1: Ensure eligibility 

  • Check you are eligible for an ESA by completing the relevant eligibility checklist in Section 6.5, page 28.

Step 2: Contact and meet ESA supplier

  • Arrange and attend an introduction meeting to discuss your site and your energy efficiency objectives.
  • Contact details for some ESA suppliers are in Section 2, page 13.

Step 3: Scope project

  • The ESA supplier conducts a site audit to determine your business as usual energy costs and opportunities to lower these costs.
  • The ESA determines an equipment solution at a lower cost per kWh than your business as usual costs.

Step 4: Non-binding offer

  • The ESA supplier provides a concept project report incorporating a non-binding offer.

Step 5: Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

  • You and the ESA supplier sign a MoU prior to a detailed site assessment.

Step 6: Detailed assessment

  • The ESA supplier conducts a detailed site assessment to fully scope the proposed works.

Step 7: Binding offer

  • The ESA supplier provides a project report including a binding offer.

Step 8: Sign ESA and commence works

  • You and the ESA supplier sign the ESA, and energy efficiency works commence.

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Page last updated: 10 December 2015