Coastal management documents

Code of Practice under the Coastal Protection Act 1979

A revised version of the Code of Practice is now available.

This document describes the minimum requirements to be met to satisfy specific sections of the Coastal Protection Act 1979. The Code of Practice (130637copcoast.pdf, 367KB) particularly relates to the placement, maintenance and removal of temporary coastal protection works. This Code supersedes the 'Minister's Requirements under the Coastal Protection Act 1979' published in December 2010. The Code refers to the document Coastal Dune Management: A manual of coastal dune management and rehabilitation techniques (PDF 5.7MB).

The University of New South Wales Water Research Laboratory provided technical advice to support the revised Code of Practice (LR20130327Final20130716.pdf 1.1MB).

A guide to the statutory requirements for temporary coastal protection works

This Guide to Statutory Requirements (130638guidestatreqs.pdf, 571KB) will assist beachfront landowners and people acting on their behalf to understand the requirements for placing temporary coastal protection works under the Coastal Protection Act and the associated revised Code of Practice, referred to above.

Guidelines for preparing coastal zone management plans

These statutory Minister's guidelines specify the requirements for councils preparing coastal zone management plans under the Coastal Protection Act. These guidelines were revised in April 2013 to reflect that councils have the flexibility to determine their own sea level rise projections to suit their local conditions. This is a framework document which also includes key strategic considerations for preparing these plans. It also provides guidance on preparing coastal erosion emergency action subplans. The Minister's adoption of these guidelines for the purposes of the Coastal Protection Act 1979 was notified in the Government Gazette on 19 July 2013. The Minister for Planning and Infrastructure also notified these guidelines for the purposes of section 733 of the Local Government Act in the same Gazette. The guidelines will be supported by a series of coastal management guide notes, which will provide further detailed information to support preparation of coastal zone management plans.

Coastal protection service charge guidelines

These statutory Minister's guidelines describe how a council should calculate the coastal protection service charge to be levied on land under the Local Government Act. It describes how councils should calculate the reasonable costs of providing a coastal protection service and how these costs should be apportioned between the various parcels of land subject to the charge. The former Minister for Climate Change and the Environment published a notice in the Government Gazette on 31 December 2010 that they had issued these guidelines for the purposes of the Local Government Act.

Coastal Erosion Guide

The Coastal Erosion Guide developed by the NSW State Emergency Service provides important information about coastal erosion.

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