NSW coastal zone management

Under its coastal zone management program, the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) aims to reduce the impact of coastal hazards and maintain the ecological health of our estuaries while accommodating population growth. The program has a long history of state and local government working collaboratively on coastal zone management.

Under the Coastal Protection Act 1979, coastal zone management plans can address risks from coastal hazards, such as coastal erosion, as well as managing threats to estuary health. These plans also need to address the projected impacts on climate change, including projected sea level rise, on coastal erosion risks and estuary health.

Under the NSW Government’s coastal and estuary management programs, grants are available to provide a subsidy of up to 50% to local government for:

  • preparation of coastal and estuarine studies
  • preparing coastal zone management plans
  • investigation, design and implementation of management actions to reduce coastal erosion risks, restore degraded coastal habitats, and improve access to beaches and public reserves
  • assessing the health of estuaries.

Technical assistance with the formulation of proposals is available through OEH.

Find out how Bega Valley Shire Council has restored and protected native dune vegetation at Merimbula Beach (130083Merimbula.pdf 105Kb) with help from the Coastal Management Program.

Page last updated: 23 August 2013