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About the NSW Scientific Committee

The NSW Scientific Committee is established under the Threatened Species Conservation Act. It is an independent committee of scientists appointed by the Minister for the Environment.

Members of the NSW Scientific Committee:

  • Dr Marco Duretto (Chairperson) - Royal Botanic Gardens and DomainTrust
  • Dr Stephen Bell - Ecological Society of Australia
  • Dr Veronica Doerr - CSIRO
  • Dr Murray Fletcher - Australian Entomological Society
  • Dr Rachael Gallagher - Macquarie University
  • Dr Anne Kerle - expertise in agricultural science and natural resource management
  • Dr Brad Law - Forest Science Centre, NSW Industry - Lands
  • Dr Jodi Rowley - Australian Museum
  • Mark Tozer - Office of Environment and Heritage
  • Ken Turner - Office of Environment and Heritage
  • Professor David Watson - Charles Sturt University

The committee's main functions include:

  • deciding which species should be listed as critically endangered, endangered, vulnerable or presumed extinct in NSW
  • deciding which populations should be listed as endangered in NSW
  • deciding which ecological communities should be listed as critically endangered, endangered or vulnerable
  • deciding which threats to native plants and animals should be declared key threatening processes under the Act
  • reviewing and updating the lists of threatened species, populations and communities and key threatening processes in the schedules of the Act.

The NSW Scientific Committee does not make decisions about threatened fish and marine plants. This is the responsibility of the NSW Fisheries Scientific Committee.

Contact details

The committee can be contacted via the Committee's Executive Officer, Suzanne Chate as follows:

NSW Scientific Committee
PO Box 1967
Hurstville BC NSW 1481

Street address: 43 Bridge Street Hurstville NSW 2220

Telephone: (02) 9585 6940
Facsimile: (02) 9585 6606

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