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Threatened species

Species Review Reports - Flora

These reports provide a review of current information on the species in NSW. For those species where the threat status changed within the Schedules, or the species was removed from the Schedules, the Scientific Committee's Final Determination is also available.


Common nameScientific nameFilename
  Acacia macnuttiana Acacmacnut.pdf, 51 KB
  Bertya opponens Bertya.pdf, 192 KB
  Bertya sp. (Clouds Creek) Bertya.pdf, 192 KB
  Caladenia tessellata Caltessel.pdf, 58 KB
  Cynanchum elegans Cyaneleg.pdf, 42KB
  Diuris ochroma Diurochrom.pdf, 68 KB
  Dodonaea stenozyga Dodosteno.pdf, 50 KB
  Eucalyptus approximans Eucapprox.pdf, 80KB
  Eucalyptus imlayensis Eucimlay.pdf, 34 KB
  Eucalyptus parvula Eucparvula.pdf, 134 KB
  Eucalyptus recurva Eucrecurva.pdf, 44 KB
  Fontainea oraria Fontoraria.pdf, 41 KB
Tallong Midge orchid Genoplesium plumosum Genplumosum.pdf, 45 KB
Bredbo Gentian Gentiana bredboensis Genbredboensis.pdf, 61 KB
Wingecarribee Gentian Gentiana wingecarribiensis Genwingec.pdf, 146 KB
  Grevillea iaspicula Greviaspi.pdf, 133 KB
Pink Velvet Bush Lasiopetalum behrii Lasiobehr.pdf, 55 KB
  Philotheca ericifolia Phileric.pdf, 110 Kb
Budawangs Wallaby Grass Plinthanthesis rodwayi Plinthrod.pdf, 63 KB
Delicate Pomaderris Pomaderris delicata Pomadelic.pdf, 56 KB
Denman Pomaderris Pomaderris reperta Pomarepert.pdf, 58 KB

Prasophyllum fuscum

Prasophyllums.pdf, 68 KB 
  Prasophyllum pallens Prasophyllums.pdf, 68 KB 
  Prasophyllum sp Majors Creek Prasomajors.pdf, 57 KB
  Prasophyllum uroglossum Prasophyllums.pdf, 68 KB 
  Pultenaea elusa Pultelusa.pdf, 39 KB
Slender Darling-pea Swainsona murrayana Swainmurray.pdf, 239 KB
Silky Swainson-pea Swainsona sericea Swainseric.pdf, 229 KB
  Tylophora linearis Tylolinear.pdf, 153 KB
Araluen Zieria Zieria adenophora Zieadenoph.pdf, 67 KB
Box Range Zieria Zieria buxijugum Ziebuxijug.pdf, 70 KB
  Zieria formosa Zieformosa.pdf, 46 KB
Parris' Zieria Zieria parrisiae Zieparrisiae.pdf, 53 KB
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