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Review of the Threatened Species Conservation Act Schedules 2007-2009

Under the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995 (the TSC Act), the NSW Scientific Committee must keep the lists of threatened species, populations, ecological communities and key threatening processes in Schedules of the TSC Act under review and determine whether any changes to the lists are necessary.

Accordingly, between 2007 and 2009 the NSW Scientific Committee undertook a systematic review of the conservation status of a selection of plant and animal species listed under the TSC Act.

The Scientific Committee undertook these assessments based on information available on the species at that time. Should further information become available through published data and reports from surveys and monitoring projects, or through increased data submitted by the public or researchers to databases such as the NSW Wildlife Atlas and NSW and Australian herbaria, the Committee may review the status of these and other listed threatened species in the future.

Alternatively, anyone may make a nomination to the Committee to change the status of a listed threatened species within the Schedules or to remove a species from the Schedules. The nomination form includes information on the criteria which must be addressed in making a nomination.

Information available on the Review of the Schedules project includes:

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