Preliminary determinations by date

This page shows all current preliminary determinations of the NSW Scientific Committee. Some are on public exhibition, and you can send a submission to the Scientific Committee about them. Your submission must be signed, and it must include a return address. You should send it by post (emails will not be accepted) to the following address:

  • Scientific Committee
    PO Box 1967
    Hurstville NSW 2220.

As you'll see from the closing date below each listing, some of the determinations are no longer on public exhibition. Please do not send submissions about these determinations.

IBRA (version 4.0) Bioregions referenced in Scientific Committee determinations

In some ecological community determinations where an ecological community occurs in one or more bioregions, the Scientific Committee has used Thackway R, Cresswell ID (1995) An interim biogeographic regionalisation for Australia: a framework for setting priorities in the National Reserve System Cooperative Program. (Version 4.0. ANCA: Canberra).

View the map of the IBRA 4.0 bioregions (IBRABoundaries40.pdf, 691KB) from this publication.

More recent ecological community determinations reference IBRA version 7.

A map of IBRA 7 bioregions is at

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Page last updated: 18 December 2015