Community-owned renewable energy: a how-to guide

What is community renewable energy? Why is it important? How do you get a community energy group started?

These questions and more are covered in how-to guide. It's a concise manual to starting your commmunity energy project.

Topics include:

  • Community renewable energy in context
    Gain an understanding of the community energy model and how it is changing the way people think about energy around the world.
  • Starting your community energy project
    Learn the key stages of developing your community energy project from assembling your team, to feasibility and planning through to eventual operation.
  • Vision and values
    Understand why your community is undertaking this project, what it will achieve and how it will be done, with important questions for your community group to consider.
  • Organisational structures and governance
    Clear and transparent governance is essential. It means setting up clear decision-making and communications processes and establishing a legal entity.
  • Community engagement and communications
    Community engagement and participation is a defining feature of a community energy project. Some useful tips and techniques can help to achieve this.
  • Technical considerations
    Gain an insight into the different renewable energy technologies, technical issues and questions to consider when moving forward with your project.
  • Finance and fundraising
    There are myriad funding options available for the development and capital raising phases of your project, which will also require preparation of a business case.
  • External Factors
    You will need to consider a number of factors in planning your project, such as government policies and legal regulations.

For further information and advice on starting a community energy group, contact your Regional Clean Energy Program coordinator.

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Page last updated: 10 December 2015