Engaging with diverse communities

Running a successful sustainability program means communicating and working with community members from all cultures and demographic groups.

We encourage and support community organisations to engage and network with diverse community groups and:

  • Celebrate our cultural diversity and promote equal access and opportunity.
  • Exchange knowledge, priorities, skills, experiences and ideas about environmental issues and solutions.
  • Engage entire communities to take action and make a collective, positive impact on our environment.

The Our Place program provides a support platform where community organisations can reach out, engage and collaborate with culturally diverse groups within the wider community.

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Find more resources to help you engage with your community.

More resources

Download tip sheets for households sustainability subjects in a number of languages.

Content Language Download link
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Cleaning Dari Cleaning – Dari (PDF 1.7MB)
Cleaning English Cleaning – English (PDF 969KB)
Cleaning Italian Cleaning – Italian (PDF 1.6MB)
Cleaning Lao Cleaning – Lao (PDF 4.3MB)
Cleaning Turkish Cleaning – Turkish (PDF 1.5MB)
Cleaning Vietnamese Cleaning – Vietnamese (PDF 1.6MB)
Cleaning Greek Cleaning – Greek (PDF 1.8MB)
Cleaning Arabic Cleaning – Arabic (PDF 2MB)
Cleaning Assyrian Cleaning – Assyrian (PDF 2MB)
Composting Arabic Composting – Arabic (PDF 396KB)
Composting English Composting – English (PDF 1.1MB)
Composting Russian Composting – Russian (PDF 1.8MB)
Composting Spanish Composting – Spanish (PDF 376KB)
Energy Macedonian Energy – Macedonian (PDF 1.3MB)
Energy Arabic Energy – Arabic (PDF 1.2MB)
Energy Assyrian Energy – Assyrian (PDF 1.2MB)
Energy Chinese simple Energy – Chinese simple (PDF 1.5MB)
Energy Greek Energy – Greek (PDF 1.3MB)
Energy Khmer Energy – Khmer (PDF 1.2MB)
Energy Lao Energy – Lao (PDF 1.5MB)
Energy Japanese Energy – Japanese (PDF 1.4MB)
Energy Nepalese Energy – Nepalese (PDF 1.4MB)
Energy Portuguese Energy – Portuguese (PDF 1.3MB)
Energy Russian Energy – Russian (PDF 1.3MB)
Energy Serbian Energy – Serbian (PDF 1.4MB)
Energy Spanish Energy – Spanish (PDF 1.3MB)
Energy Turkish Energy – Turkish (PDF 1.3MB)
Energy Vietnamese Energy – Vietnamese (PDF 1.3MB)
Energy Korean Energy – Korean (PDF 1.5MB)
Energy Thai Energy – Thai (PDF 1.4MB)
Energy English Energy – English (PDF 1.4MB)
Energy Dari Energy – Dari (PDF 1.3MB)
Energy Italian Energy – Italian (PDF 1.3MB)
Energy Chinese traditional Energy – Chinese traditional (PDF 1.8MB)
Mulching Italian Mulching – Italian (PDF 306KB)
Mulching Macedonian Mulching – Macedonian (PDF 316KB)
Mulching Spanish Mulching – Spanish (PDF 307KB)
Mulching Vietnamese Mulching – Vietnamese (PDF 321KB)
Mulching Arabic Mulching – Arabic (PDF 324KB)
Mulching Chinese traditional Mulching – Chinese traditional (PDF 560KB)
Mulching Korean Mulching – Korean (PDF 668KB)
Mulching Greek Mulching – Greek (PDF 324KB)
Mulching English Mulching – English (PDF 743KB)
Recycling Assyrian Recycling – Assyrian (PDF 2MB)
Recycling English Recycling – English (PDF 1.2MB)
Recycling Korean Recycling – Korean (PDF 2.3MB)
Recycling Greek Recycling – Greek (PDF 1.8MB)
Recycling Japanese Recycling – Japanese (PDF 1.8MB)
Recycling Macedonian Recycling – Macedonian (PDF 2.6MB)
Recycling Chinese simple Recycling – Chinese simple (PDF 1.8MB)
Recycling Dari Recycling – Dari (PDF 1.7MB)
Recycling Khmer Recycling – Khmer (PDF 2.1MB)
Recycling Lao Recycling – Lao (PDF 3.9MB)
Recycling Portuguese Recycling – Portuguese (PDF 1.7MB)
Recycling Thai Recycling – Thai (PDF 2.1MB)
Recycling Spanish Recycling – Spanish (PDF 1.7MB)
Recycling Russian Recycling – Russian (PDF 1.7MB)
Recycling Serbian Recycling – Serbian (PDF 1.6MB)
Recycling Turkish Recycling – Turkish (PDF 1.6MB)
Recycling Vietnamese Recycling – Vietnamese (PDF 1.7MB)
Recycling Chinese traditional Recycling – Chinese traditional (PDF 2.6MB)
Recycling Italian Recycling – Italian (PDF 1.7MB)
Worm-farming Korean Worm-farming – Korean (PDF 1.1MB)
Worm-farming English Worm-farming – English (PDF 1.1MB)
Worm-farming Chinese traditional Worm-farming – Chinese traditional (PDF 924KB)
Worm-farming Vietnamese Worm-farming – Vietnamese (PDF 713KB)


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Page last updated: 15 June 2016