For social enterprises

We support social enterprises that have an environmental or sustainability mission. These are businesses that generate most of their income from trade and re-invest most of their profits towards their mission.

Get support for your sustainability focused social enterprise

You may be eligible to receive:

  • Training, skills development, business planning and mentoring.
  • Opportunities to collaborate with other local social enterprises to increase your impact.
  • Invitations to networking events from our partners within government, business and community organisations

Image of Eat Me Chutneys' founders Jaya and Ankit Chopra

We’re helping social enterprise

We’re helping accelerate enterprises that reduce waste, provide sustainability education, engage people in conservation and establish community owned renewable energy.


Image of Eat Me Chutneys' founders Jaya and Ankit Chopra, courtesy of Broadsheet Sydney.

Act now

Contact Rhianna Dean for more information about how we can support your social enterprise to achieve its environmental outcomes.


Supported by the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust.

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Page last updated: 07 September 2016