Sustaining our environment

Who cares about the environment?

Who Cares about the Environment? is social research that measures the environmental knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of the people of NSW through surveys and discussion groups. Conducted every three years by the Office of Environment and Heritage, this research has been tracking changes and trends in environmental views, priorities and actions since 1994.

Who Cares about the Environment in 2012?

Who Cares about the Environment in 2012? is the seventh main survey in this social research series. It examines the environmental values and attitudes, knowledge and views, behaviours and motivations of NSW residents and also tracks how these have changed over time.

Previous surveys

Surveys have been conducted every three years since 1994. The 1997 report is available in printed form, 2000, 2003, 2006 and 2009 are available for immediate download, as is the follow-up survey, Who Cares about Water and Climate Change in 2007?


Page last updated: 16 May 2013