Northern corroboree frog - vulnerable species listing

NSW Scientific Committee - final determination

The Scientific Committee, established by the Threatened Species Conservation Act has made a Final Determination to list Pseudophryne pengilleyi Wells and Wellington 1985, Northern Corroboree Frog as a VULNERABLE SPECIES on Schedule 2 of the Act. Listing of Vulnerable Species is provided for by Section 14 of the Act.

Any submissions received following advertisement of the Preliminary Determination have been considered by the Scientific Committee.

The Scientific Committee has found that:

1. Pseudophryne pengilleyi has a distribution limited to the northern Australian Alps and the high country bordering and entering the A.C.T.

2. Pseudophryne pengilleyi is found in grassy marshlands above the treeline, or under logs and in vegetation beside creeks, marshes etc in wet sclerophyll forest. During the breeding season Pseudophryne pengilleyi is found in alpine Sphagnum bogs.

3. There is evidence of a decline in population of Pseudophryne pengilleyi in the Brindabella Range over the last 10 years.

4. Potential threats to Pseudophryne pengilleyi include human impacts, weed invasion, impacts from feral animals, control burning and erosion from roads and tracks and sedimentation.

5. Given the restricted geographic range and the evidence of population decline the Scientific Committee is of the opinion that the species is likely to become endangered.

Dr C Dickman


Scientific Committee

Gazetted: 15/11/96

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