Teachers' kit - a guide to the rainforests of NSW

This teacher's kit includes:

  • Under the Canopy - a guide to the rainforests of NSW (30 page booklet)
  • student worksheets for Stages 1, 2 and 3
  • a rainforest model for students to colour and build
  • excursion outlines and supporting material (teacher's notes, student fact sheets, student work sheets) for various sites in NSW.

This teacher's kit has been prepared to help you teach about the important values of rainforests in NSW. Students will learn about rainforest types, structure, energy and nutrient cycles and food chains. Further fact sheets cover the importance of rainforests, the human impact upon them and managing for risk.

This unit expands upon the HSIE sample unit 'Global Environments - Rainforests' from the HSIE syllabus support document and encourages local field studies of rainforests.

The teacher's kit was developed by NPWS Discovery for Schools staff in the north coast region to support schools participating in the Discovery for Schools excursion program.

Links to national park rainforest excursion information

Documents to download

Fact sheets

Suitable for Stage 1:

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Suitable for Stages 2 - 3:

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Suitable for Stages 4 - 6:

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