Karst Management Advisory Committee

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Dr Michael Augee
Nature Conservation Council of NSW

Dr Augee is a long-standing member of the Nature Conservation Council of NSW with a particular interest in karst management. He is a member of the Wellington Caves Advisory Committee, which advises Wellington Council on a range of karst and cave management issues, and has previously served on the conservation committees of the Royal Zoological Society of NSW, the Linnean Society of NSW and the Wildlife Preservation Society. 

Mr Allister Gee
National Parks Regional Advisory Committee 

Mr Gee is a current member of the North Coast Regional Advisory Committee who has a particular interest in the management of NSW karst and caves. An active caver and Environmental Projects Officer with the Kempsey Shire Council, he has a sound understanding of the issues surrounding public access to caves and the need for sustainable environmental management.

Dr Julia James
Specialist in Water Chemistry and Hydrology  

Dr James is a past member of the Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust Scientific and Environmental Advisory Committee and holds the position of Honorary Associate Professor (Chemistry) with the University of Sydney. She is a pre-eminent authority in aquatic and environmental chemistry in Australia, and a member of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Dr James is an Honorary Past President of the International Union of Speleology and has been instrumental in raising awareness and appreciation of karst at local, state, national and international levels. 

Dr Neil Lipscombe
Specialist in Eco-tourism and Recreational Planning

Dr Lipscombe holds the position of Associate Professor, Recreation Planning and Eco-tourism with Charles Sturt University (Albury). He has authored one book on Park Management Planning, and numerous research papers, reports and monographs dealing with outdoor recreation, visitor interpretation and eco-tourism. Dr Lipscombe is a past member of the Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust Scientific and Environmental Monitoring Committee and had an integral role in establishing Australia's first karst management course. 

Mr Chris Norton
Australian Speleological Federation

Mr Norton is a barrister specialising in environmental, planning and development law who was admitted to the NSW Bar in February 2002. He has a keen interest in speleology and is a past member of the Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust's Speleological Committee. Co-author of the biodiversity and conservation chapter of the loose-leaf service Local Government Planning and Environment, Mr Norton has an excellent understanding of contemporary karst management issues, particularly as they relate to speleological activities.

Mr Graeme Pattison
National Parks Association

Mr Pattison is a past member of the Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust Board, a keen speleologist and past president of the University of NSW Speleological Society. Mr Pattison is a project manager with the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority and is well-versed in contemporary management principles having used this knowledge to excellent effect in the transfer of Abercrombie, Borenore and Wombeyan karst conservation reserves to the Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water.

Professor Andy Baker
Specialist in karst    

Professor Baker is an international authority with respect to cave morphology, climate change and hydrology, and has authored and co-authored numerous scientific papers which are widely referenced across the globe. This work, together with his extensive academic achievements, resulted in him being awarded the prestigious Phillip Leverhulme Prize for Geography in 2003, and a Durham University Institute for Advanced Studies Fellowship in 2009. Professor Baker is a program leader in the ARC/NWC co-funded National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training, and co-author of the first textbook on speleothems.

Mr Alfie Walker Jnr
NSW Aboriginal Lands Council

Mr Walker was nominated for the committee by the NSW Aboriginal Land Council and is the current Chair of the Pejar Local Aboriginal Council. Mr Walker is an advocate of the land rights system and supports the involvement of Aboriginal people in natural resource management including that relevant to karst.

Mr Tim Smith

Heritage Branch, Environment and Heritage Policy and Programs, OEH

Mr Smith is currently employed as the Deputy Director - Heritage Branch, Environment and Heritage, Policy and Programs, OEH and has extensive experience in cultural heritage planning and management. He has authored and co-authored numerous papers which have been widely acknowledged, and has been the recipient of a number of awards for his project management skills. Mr Smith holds professional qualifications in archaeology.

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