Conservation science

About connectivity conservation

'Connectivity conservation' is the main focus of the Great Eastern Ranges (GER) Initiative. Connectivity conservation means recognising the importance of maintaining, reconnecting and restoring habitats and ecosystems to help:

  • reduce the rapid rate of decline in environmental health - this can be done by coordinating and integrating a wide range of conservation activities across all land tenures
  • Australia's unique native plants and animals to be able to deal with a range of threats, including climate change.

Connectivity conservation has been the focus of considerable effort by scientists around the world for more than a decade.

A ground-breaking report (Connectivity conservation and the Great Eastern Ranges corridor - ccandger.pdf, 1.2MB) prepared by Prof Brendan Mackey, Dr James Watson and Dr Graeme Worboys of ANU Enterprises provides the scientific basis for establishing a conservation corridor along Australia's GER corridor.

Other connectivity conservation projects around the world include:

Page last updated: 29 January 2014