Resource Recovery Facility Expansion and Enhancement

The Resource Recovery Facility Expansion and Enhancement grants program is currently closed for applications. The EPA is managing the next round of these grants. For more information contact the EPA either by email or on (02) 9995 6920.


The Resource Recovery Facility Expansion and Enhancement program was a four-year grant program aimed to increase recycling of household and business waste. The program supported projects that stimulated and accelerated investment in new equipment and upgrades that will boost recycling processing capacity in NSW.

It should be noted that Construction and Demolition (C&D) operators are now able to access this program as the EPA recognises that the C&D waste sector has the potential to return large volumes of recovered material into the economy and thus reduce its environmental impact. Small and medium sized operators in the C&D waste sector are encouraged to apply to this funding round to improve the volume of materials recovered from C&D waste.

This program was delivered through a partnership between the NSW Environmental Trust and EPA. Additional information on this program can be found on the EPA website.


Grants of between $100,000 and $1,000,000 were available, to provide up to 50% of the capital costs relating to the enhancement or expansion of infrastructure.

Who could apply?

To be eligible for this funding, organisations had to currently own and operate a resource recovery facility that was licensed by the NSW EPA, and be one of the be one of the following types of organisations:

  • council (as defined in the Local Government Act), regional organisation of councils or other local government controlled organisation
  • non-government/not-for-profit organisation (must comply with the ATO’s definition) with an established legal status, or without a legal status but is being administered by another organisation
  • private industry or partnership as defined under the Corporations Act

Organisations must also have a history of compliance with NSW environment protection laws.


The reporting templates for Resource Recovery Facility Expansion and Enhancement grantees are provided below (A quick link is also available on the right-hand column of the main page). Grantees should refer to their Deed of Agreement for documents and evidence to be submitted in addition to the documents below.

Project Measures Captures projected and achieved quantitative data for your project. The same report should be built on and submitted for each milestone.
Milestone Report Communicates your project’s progress and achievements as set agreed milestones during the project.
Final Report Communicates your project’s final achievements on project completion.
Statement of Expenditure A statement of expenditure is required with each milestone and final report.

Past recipients

  • Round 4 allocated $1,501,280 to 3 projects.
  • Round 3 allocated $4,224,653 to 9 projects.
  • Round 2 allocated $4,547,125 to 9 projects.
  • Round 1 allocated $5,197,157 to 9 projects.
Page last updated: 15 December 2017