Eco Schools and Food Gardens in Schools grant program reporting

To complete your reporting requirements for Eco Schools or Food Gardens in Schools projects you must:

  • complete the required form
  • complete the statutory declaration,  which must be hand signed by both the declarant and the witness
  • complete the financial report - paying particular attention to the guidance notes at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

Photographs, although not essential, are a great way of showcasing your projects and achievements. We recommend including them as part of your report.


  • please use reporting templates provided
  • email all reports to:
  • emails including attachments cannot exceed 10MB - for reports and other attachments that exceed this limit, please send on a USB.

You must prominently acknowledge the Trust's assistance in your final report and all publications and promotional material relating to the project with the Trust's logo and using the following statement:

This project has been assisted by the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust.

Eco Schools forms

All the following forms must be submitted at the completion of your project.  To assist with preparing the financial report, the Trust has provided a reference guide.


Final Report Form

(Word, 79kb


Project Measures Form

(xlsx, 73kb)


Pre 2015 project financial reporting form

(xlsx, 17KB)


2015 and onwards financial reporting form

(xlsx, 17KB)



Statutory Declaration
Once completed must be printed and hand-signed.

(PDF, 32kb)

Food Gardens forms

To assist with preparing the financial report, the Trust has provided a reference guide.

At the end of year 1

Progress Report Form

(Word, 74kb)

At project completion

Final Report Form

(Word, 74kb)


Financial Report Form 

(xls, 34kb)


Statutory Declaration

Once completed must be printed and hand signed.

(PDF, 32kb)



If you are unsure about any aspects of the reporting process, please contact Trust Administration on:

Phone:  (02) 8837 6093


Page last updated: 26 April 2016