Innovation in shredder floc management grants program

This program has now been discontinued and merged with the Innovation in Priority Problem Wastes Management grants program under the Recycling Innovation Fund. Additional information on the Innovation in Shredder Floc Management Grants Program can be found on the EPA website.

Aim of the program

The Shredder Floc Management grants program was a targeted program aimed at improving and introducing new approaches and technologies to reduce the residual waste produced by the metal recycling sector (called shredder floc), currently being disposed of at landfills.

Grant recipients

Round 1 allocated $3,198,589 to two projects. Please see the list of successful 2014 project summaries.

Further information

For all grant related queries please contact the Trust Grants Administrator:

Phone:  (02) 8837 6093



For EPA general program related issues or questions, please contact the EPA program manager:

Phone: (02) 9995 6229



Page last updated: 03 February 2017