Organics Infrastructure (Large and Small)

Stream 4: Product Quality

This grants program is currently closed to applications.


With the extension of Waste Less Recycle More until 2020-21, the Organics Infrastructure (large and small) grants program has now become a 9-year program worth $55.67 million. It will continue to provide funding for infrastructure and equipment to reduce food and garden organic waste going to landfill, and to increase organics processing capacity to meet proposed new recycling targets of 75% by 2021. This program is being delivered through a partnership between the NSW Environmental Trust and EPA under the Waste Less, Recycle More Organics Infrastructure fund. Additional information can be found on the EPA website .

The Organics Infrastructure – Product Quality grants program will provide Infrastructure to improve the quality and consistency of organics outputs above regulatory requirements and leading to robust markets for recycled organics, such as decontamination equipment.


Grants of up to $500,000, are available to councils and business for infrastructure, such as decontamination equipment to improve the quality and consistency of organics outputs above regulatory requirements and leading to robust markets for recycled organics.

Who can apply?

Organisations eligible to apply include: 

  • businesses that are experienced in organics processing
  • NSW councils
  • groups of councils
  • other local-government controlled organisations (or deemed to have the same local government function).

Applicants who have previously been awarded a Stream 1 grant for increased capacity are not eligible to apply for a Stream 4 grant for the same site.

Note: All applicants must be legally constituted entities and be organisations not individuals or sole traders.

Refer to the Application Guidelines for more information.


The reporting templates for Product Quality grantees are provided below. (A quick link is also available on the right-hand column of the main page). Grantees should refer to their Deed/Letter of Agreement for documents and evidence to be submitted in addition to the documents below.

Project Measures Captures projected and achieved quantitative data for your project. The same report should be built on and submitted for each milestone.
Milestone Report Communicates your project’s progress and achievements as set agreed milestones during the project.
Final Report Communicates your project’s final achievements on project completion.
Statement of Expenditure A statement of expenditure is required with each milestone and final report.

Past recipients

  • Round 1 allocated $1,873,090 to 7 projects

More information

Page last updated: 30 April 2018