Environmental Restoration and Rehabilitation Grants

The Restoration and Rehabilitation Program is a contestable grants program seeking to achieve long-term beneficial outcomes for the NSW environment.

Funded by the NSW Environmental Trust, the program encourages and enables community and government organisations to protect, conserve and restore our valuable natural environment.

Aim of the program

The aim of the Restoration and Rehabilitation Program is to facilitate projects run by community organisations and government entities working to prevent or reduce environmental degradation of any kind. Through these projects, we also aim to improve the capacity of communities and organisations to protect, restore and enhance the environment.


The objectives of the Restoration and Rehabilitation Program are:

  • to restore degraded environmental resources, including rare and endangered ecosystems
  • to protect important ecosystems and habitats of rare and endangered flora and fauna
  • to prevent or minimise future environmental damage
  • to enhance the quality of specific environmental resources
  • to improve the capacity of eligible organisations to protect, restore and enhance the environment
  • to prevent or reduce pollution

Grants awarded

Under the 2015/16 Restoration and Rehabilitation Program, 56 grants were approved totalling $5,259,111. 

  • Community Grants Stream - 24 grants totalling $2,299,529
  • Government Grants Stream - 26 grants totalling $2,426,586
  • Heritage Grants Stream - 6 grants totalling $532,996

A list of successful projects and their project summaries is available on the 2015 project summary page. 

Grants of between $5,000 and $100,000 was available.

Guidelines and application forms

Will be available when the program opens to application.

Forms and guidelines - examples

Forms and guidelines will be availble when the program opens to application.  It is anticiapated that the next round will be August/September 2016.

The forms and guidelines below are for provided as examples/information purposes only.  Applications must be submitted using the correct year's forms.

Program guidelines


How to complete your application


Application form

Word 232KB

Application budget

Excel 381KB

Case studies

A range of case studies from previously conducted Restoration and Rehabilitation projects are available on the Case Studies  page. These projects all have their unique way of assisting to conserve and enhance the New South Wales environment.

Past recipients

In the 2014 round of the program, the following grants were awarded:

Community program

A total of 95 applications were received requesting $7,440,523. The Environmental Trust awarded 23 projects totalling $2,015,787.

Government program

A total of 85 applications were received requesting $6,300,000. The Environmental Trust awarded 24 projects totalling $2,016,000.

Additional resources and information

In addition to the Program Guidelines and How to Complete your Application Form documents, further information that may be helpful in preparing a Restoration and Rehabilitation project application is available here.

For further information specific to the Heritage funding stream, click here.


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