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Schedule C - Project Measures

Schedule C - Project Measures is an excel spreadsheet of potential measures that may help you to monitor and evaluate the progress of your project. Please work through the tabs that relate to your project in Schedule C - Project Measures to identify the project measures that relate to your project. Schedule C is used to provide quantitative data based on identified project measures. It provides both projected and actual figures for each year of the project. Schedule C - Project Measures is a standardised list of measures and units so that the NSW Environmental Trust has a common set of indicators across its programs.

Please note: You must use some of these measures for your Environmental Trust project. However, there may be only a few measures from this list that will apply to your project. When you develop your Monitoring and Evaluation Plan you may also find you need to create new measures specific to your individual project.

In the first instance you should provide projections for each of your identified project measures for each year and then the total projected outcomes over the life of your project. As your project progresses and as you report to the Trust on your progress, you will then provide 'actual' data based on what was achieved.

Download Schedule C - Project Measures (101044SchedC.xls, 316kb)

For ease of use the Schedule C - Project Measures document contains definitions of each measure. If you hover over the respective cell a definition will appear. If you prefer to have a print out of the definitions please download Schedule C - Project Measures Definitions (101045ETProjMeas.pdf, 132kb).

For further assistance with Schedule C requirements please contact Trust Administration by email on info@environmentaltrust.nsw.gov.au or phone (02) 8837 6093.

Page last updated: 05 April 2011