2008 Green Globe Award winners

The 2008 Green Globe Awards were coordinated by the Department of Environment and Climate Change NSW and held at NSW Parliament House on 28 February 2008.

Government Awards

Energy: Sydney Water - Renewable Energy Generation

Sydney Water has been generating renewable energy since 1999, when it established its first biogas co-generation plant at Malabar Sewage Treatment Plant.

Now, the organisation - one of the state's biggest energy users - is the first NSW government agency to commit to becoming carbon neutral by 2020. Its ambitious plan will ultimately eliminate or offset over 400,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year - equivalent to taking 100,000 cars off the road.

The first milestone on this path will be to cut emissions by 60 per cent by 2012. Their program will include eight new projects to generate energy at sewage treatment plants across the Sydney region.

The $41 million program will generate 80,000 megawatt hours of electricity a year, using biogas cogeneration, where methane gas is captured and turned into energy at wastewater treatment plants.

Water: Sydney Water - The Every Drop Counts Business Program

Each day, businesses throughout NSW are saving enough water to supply more than 51,000 homes thanks to Sydney Water’s Every Drop Counts Business Program.

Now, Sydney Water has produced Best Practice Guidelines for Water Conservation, drawing on their vast experience working with more than 450 commercial sites.

Commended by the judges for its consistent performance at the top of its field, the Every Drop Counts Program continues to engage new participants and build on its success to help businesses understand their water use and implement savings measures.

Environmental Sustainability - North Sydney Council

For more than a decade, North Sydney Council has introduced, implemented and promoted environmental sustainability within the community.

The Council has taken the lead on environmental management, focussing first on its own operations. This has included:

  • investing over $4.4 million on energy and water savings projects,
  • introducing hybrid vehicles into their fleet, including Australia's first diesel-electric hybrid truck,
  • purchasing 25% GreenPower in their electricity contracts, and
  • maintaining a 4 and a half star ABGR (Australian Building Greenhouse Rating) rating for their head office

The Council has also actively encouraged local residents and businesses to investigate opportunities to reduce their environmental impact and effect change.

Business Awards

Industry: Energy - Investa Property Group

Investa has sought to lead the property industry and its program has:

  • reduced electricity use by 7.1% in the 12 months to March 2007, a 20% reduction since 2004;
  • reduced gas consumption by 5.4% in the 12 months to March 2007, a 41% reduction since 2004; and
  • reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 9,209 tonnes in the 12 months to March 2007, with GreenPower purchases accounting for further savings of almost 12,000 tonnes.

Investa has leveraged these achievements and results to a new level by integrating environmental strategies into their property portfolio.

In February 2007, Investa released the Green Lease Guide, in collaboration with the NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change, the Cities of Melbourne and Sydney, and the Institute for Sustainable Futures at UTS.

The Guide is part of a concerted effort to engage with tenants to link a variety of energy efficiency initiatives with better conditions for building occupants and better investment returns for the Group. In turn, this demonstrates the business case for deeper and enduring emission reductions.

Industry: Water - Mirvac, Ashgrove Water Efficient Housing

The Mirvac Group has broken new ground in the sustainability features of its Ashgrove Estate, an 11.4 hectare brownfield site in Sydney's western suburbs.

The masterplan integrates a number of water sensitive urban design features, including onsite stormwater harvesting, detention and treatment. The water is reused for flushing residents' toilets and public and private irrigation.  This system has reduced potable water consumption by 10 million litres a year, or 45% of everyday use.

The outstanding design of Ashgrove Estate is the use of two hectares of public parkland as a 'rainwater tank' for the entire estate, with an underground, centralised water storage and treatment facility.  By removing the need for individual rainwater tanks, Mirvac has improved the aesthetic value of each property and increased the land available for development within the Estate.   

Industry: Environmental sustainability

Joint winner: Peats Ridge Festival

Peats Ridge is Australia's leading sustainable arts and music festival, which takes place annually over four days in Glenworth Valley, on the NSW Central Coast.

Peats Ridge Festival is the first major event in Australia to run entirely on bio-diesel and renewable energy resources. It was the first festival in NSW to use composting toilets. Peats Ridge Festival features many sustainable initiatives, including grey water management, container return systems, organic waste composting, reclaimed materials for festival decoration, organic food, compostable food packaging, onsite bike couriers, chemical free cleaning products and sustainable transport options.

Joint winner: Instyle Contract Textiles

Instyle Contract Textiles in Alexandria is a small business with 47 employees.  INSTYLE specialises in the design, marketing and distribution of commercial interior furnishing and textiles.

Since 2002 INSTYLE has made substantial efforts to integrate sustainable practices throughout all aspects of the company - from management, product design, warehouse operations and transport - and at the same time inspire others to do the same.

Considering that 70 - 80% of Australian companies are small to medium enterprises that do not have the same level of resources as the bigger companies, INSTYLE is a great example that small companies can make a difference.

Commercial: Portfolio- Stockland

In 2007, Stockland cemented its position as a leading property owner, manager and developer when it comes to corporate sustainability.  Stockland's inclusion in the 2007/08 Dow Jones Sustainability Index provides external endorsement of the company's progress on this important front.

Across the three divisions, significant savings in energy and water use and waste going to landfill has been driven by a clear strategic approach to environmental sustainability.

Stockland's program spans its retail, commercial and industrial portfolio and includes tracking water and energy use, training staff, producing fit-out guides for retailers and identifying and fixing leaks immediately.

The company's strategic approach is paying real dividends, with energy savings of 8% and water savings of 31.6% in the commercial and industrial division, and forecast energy savings of 10% and water savings of 11% in the retail sector.

Commercial: Tenant - Optus

When Optus moved into its new headquarters at Macquarie Park in 2007, it became the largest tenanted corporate campus in Australia and the company was keen to influence the environmental impact of its operations.

Optus has made the Stockland-owned building a model of environmental sustainability and includes the following major initiatives:

  • reducing energy consumption through improved building design and fit-out
  • cutting water use by integrating rainwater re-use within the building and using efficient fittings
  • diverting waste from landfill through targeted and promoted recycling programs
  • educating and encouraging staff to use more sustainable transport options

Optus has also made a commitment from November 2007 to offset 50% of carbon emissions from all Optus corporate tenancies nationwide.

Small Business Sustainability - Instyle Contract Textiles

Instyle Contract Textiles won the inaugural small business environmental sustainability Green Globe Award for its long-term commitment to environmental best practice that has seen sustainability principles integrated into all aspects of its operations.

Its strong performance over five years impressed the judging panel who has commended the company's whole of lifestyle approach and the involvement of all its 47 staff in delivering best-practice environmental performance in product design, packaging, warehouse operations and transport.

Its public sustainability reporting was also commended for being on par with much bigger companies and as well as Instyle's work within the textile industry to influence market practices across the textile sector.

Individual Awards

Energy Champion - Petrea Bradford, Origin Energy

Petrea joined Origin Energy as an Environmental Engineer in 1998 and now manages one of Australia's largest carbon trading portfolios and a team of 12 professionals working across strategy, policy, trading, accreditation and product development.

Petrea is dedicated to building the business case for early action on climate change. In the seven years Australia has been trading carbon, Petrea has led many innovative business solutions towards mitigating climate change including:

  • developing off-take agreements for wind and geothermal projects
  • Origin's NSW Residential Energy Efficiency Program
  • Australia's first industry led carbon reduction scheme.

Beyond the scope of her role, Petrea has played an integral part in driving Origin's sustainability agenda and influencing Origin's environment strategy, particularly the need for a broad carbon management strategy.

Water Champion

Michael Beckwith - Stockland

Michael Beckwith's role as Stockland’s National Operations Manager Retail involves managing the day-to-day operation of 40 shopping centres throughout Australia, 17 of these in NSW.

He has implemented a strategic approach to water management throughout the retail division which includes water management training, accessing and analysing data and investing in water saving technologies.  During 2007, Michael's efforts are expected to directly deliver water savings of 11% across the retail portfolio.

Michael has most recently been instrumental in the implementation of an extensive water conservation project at the Stockland Shopping Centre in Wetherill Park which has reduced water use by 20%.

Environmental Sustainability Champion

Roger Walker- Singtel Optus

Roger Walker is the National Facilities Manager for Corporate Services at Optus and is responsible for providing a safe, comfortable and sustainable environment for more than 10,000 Optus and Optus subsidiary company staff.

Roger's portfolio comprises over 150,000m2 of commercial office space in every Australian state and territory, and includes Optus' new headquarters, Optus Centre Sydney, at Macquarie Park, North Ryde.

With one simple idea - removing the waste paper bins from staff workstations - Roger has helped Optus reduce waste to landfill by 92 % - the equivalent of about 480 tonnes of waste being diverted from landfill every year. Not only has the move reduced waste to landfill, it has also saved 6500 bin liners a day.

Excellence Awards 

Climate Change Leadership - Investa Property Group

The Climate Change Leadership Award is awarded to an organisation which has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to a measurable and strategic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

The Investa Property Group, winners of the 2008 Industry Energy Green Globe Award, has demonstrated best practice in climate change mitigation across its entire portfolio and helped raise awareness of the issue to a wider audience.

Premier's Sustainability Excellence - Instyle Contract Textiles

The Sustainability Excellence Award is presented to the best overall nominee in the 2008 Sustainability Green Globe Awards for an initiative demonstrating exceptional delivery of sustainable environmental practices throughout NSW.

The 2008 Premier's Sustainability Excellence Green Globe Award has been won by Instyle Contract Textiles, a small business which has also won this year's inaugural Small Business Environmental Sustainability Green Globe Award and is a joint winner of the Industry Environmental Sustainability Green Globe Award.

The company's proactive, whole of business approach to sustainability is commended and provides a great example for other business - both large and small - to follow.

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