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About us

NPWS field officer traineeships

Field Officer Jessica Ella; Pete Taseski/OEH

National park field officers

National park field officers work everywhere - from the islands of Sydney Harbour to the remote corner country and the ski fields.

They do everything from fighting fires and supervising pest programs, to maintaining walking tracks and overseeing bush regeneration.


On 21 November 2013, the Minister for the Environment announced that up to 100 traineeships would be created for field officers on the front line in national parks across NSW.

This new program is supported by training through a Registered Training Organisation, coaching and on the job training.

Senior Field Officer Chantelle Clark holds a micro bat, Mount Grenfell Historic Site fauna survey; Libby Lindsay/OEH

Field officers ensure that the public have access to high-quality, safe recreational facilities in some of the most beautiful places in the world and:

  • carry out works programs
  • maintain and improve park facilities and assets including buildings, roads, fire trails and fencing
  • operate and maintain plant and equipment
  • protect natural and cultural heritage, and
  • provide advice to park visitors and local residents.

Trainees may be offered ongoing employment as entry level field officers subject to the following conditions:

  • successful completion of all aspects of the program
  • demonstrated commitment and dedication to the job
  • hold an appropriate driver's licence
  • being assessed as proficient in the Field Officer Grade 1 competencies
  • an ongoing field officer role being available anywhere within NPWS.

Frequently asked questions

View the questions and answers page for more details about the program.

Location of traineeships

Up to 100 trainee roles will be offered over a three-year period and located across NSW national parks. The exact locations will be advised at the commencement of each stage of recruitment.

The map indicates the locations currently covered by NPWS.


regions of NSW

Register your interest in the traineeship program

The information guide (PDF 1.7 MB) provides further details to help you decide whether the traineeship program is suitable for you. If you wish to be advised of future intakes via email, use the form below to register your interest.

For further enquiries email NPWS.traineeship@environment.nsw.gov.au.

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