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Kinchega National Park: memorandum of understanding with the Menindee Aboriginal Elders Council

Located 120km east of Broken Hill, Kinchega National Park is critically important for local Aboriginal culture and heritage, containing occupation sites and burials more than 13,000 years old. The NPWS recognised the need to involve the local Aboriginal community in the management of Aboriginal sites and heritage in the Menindee area (in particular, Kinchega National Park); however, a number of elders expressed concern about an ad-hoc relationship.

The Menindee Local Aboriginal Land Council formed an Elders Council to negotiate a more formal agreement with the NPWS. As a result, a memorandum of understanding for cooperative management of Kinchega National Park was established, providing procedures for elders with ties to the park to have real and meaningful involvement in its management.

According to the agreement, the NPWS agrees to consult with, and assist, the Menindee Aboriginal Elders Council in the protection, management and interpretation of Aboriginal cultural sites within Kinchega NP and the Menindee area. The NPWS also agrees to consult the Elders Council on the general management of the park, including:

  • the annual works program
  • any licences for commercial tour operations on the park
  • the research program for the park
  • contracts for work on the park
  • employment on the park.

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Page last updated: 12 June 2014