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Mutawintji National Park, Mutawintji Historic Site and Mutawintji Nature Reserve: return to Aboriginal ownership

Mutawintji National Park, Mutawintji Historic Site and Mutawintji Nature Reserve (formerly Conturandee Nature Reserve) are in semi-arid lands near Broken Hill. In September 1998, all three areas were transferred to the Mutawintji Aboriginal Land Council, to hold on behalf of the Aboriginal owners, and leased back to the NPWS.

A Board of Management, made up of a majority of Aboriginal owners, is responsible for the care, control and management of the three areas. The board meets four times a year, receives annual rental funds, develops annual works programs and approves, monitors and initiates projects - for example, funding has been allocated by the board to the yellow footed rock-wallaby recovery plan.

The board has progressed the management of the park to improve aspects of cultural heritage protection, conservation protection and administration. This has included upgrading infrastructure in Mutawintji National Park and designing and constructing viewing platforms to protect art sites within the historic site.

The board is preparing a new plan of management for Mutawintji to incorporate the community's needs. One of the Aboriginal owners is employed as a joint management coordinator who liaises with the board, the NPWS, and the community and the Aboriginal owners run cultural tours in the park.

A majority of the members of the board of management must be chosen from the Register of Aboriginal Owners.  This register is established and kept by the Registrar, Aboriginal Land Rights Act pursuant to Part 9 of the ALR Act. 

Office of the Registrar, Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 (NSW)

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