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Aboriginal joint management options

If you are a member of an Aboriginal group with a cultural association to a park, and your group is interested in talking to the NPWS about joint management, staff at your local NPWS office can talk to you about the options available. These include the following:

Memoranda of understanding for joint management
These are formal agreements between the NPWS and an Aboriginal community, setting out each group's shared involvement in park planning and management.

Indigenous land use agreements
These are limited to Aboriginal groups that have demonstrated credible evidence of native title. They are agreements about the management of public land in the area covered by the native title claim.

Lease-back agreements
In these agreements, the NPWS returns a park or reserve to its Aboriginal owners, and then leases it back from them.

Other options
These include informal agreements between Aboriginal communities and the NPWS, and Aboriginal participation in NPWS advisory committees.
Page last updated: 21 October 2011