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Proceedings of the 2006 Aboriginal joint management meeting

Mungo National Park and Wentworth NSW

With Aboriginal people sharing the management of ten national parks across NSW, 140 people—including representatives from 19 Aboriginal communities and Department of Environment and Climate Change (DECC) staff from around the state—met in Wentworth and Mungo National Park in April 2006. This was the second time that people had come together from across the state—from Byron Bay to Narooma to Broken Hill—to share their experiences and learn from each other. The first statewide meeting was held in May 2003.

Each of the 19 Aboriginal community groups and DEC staff gave presentations on what they have been doing in their parks (see the 'Community presentations' section). Several workshops were held on key themes relevant to Aboriginal joint management (see the 'Workshops' section). The people at these workshops made a number of recommendations to DECC about improving the Aboriginal joint management program.

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  • Proceedings of the 2006 Aboriginal joint management Meeting


    • Part 1 (PDF - 1.0MB)


      • Foreword
      • Summary
      • Contents
      • Background
    • Part 2 (PDF - 492KB)


      • Mungo National Park - the meeting in the woolshed
      • Mungo National Park - the field trip
    • Part 3 (PDF - 1.8MB)


      • Community presentations
    • Part 4 (PDF - 441KB)


      • Workshops introduction
      • Workshop 1: Processes for developing plans of management - using Arakwal National Park and others as case studies
    • Part 5 (PDF - 297KB)


      • Workshop 2: Connection to land and cultural practice
    • Part 6 (PDF - 238KB)


      • Workshop 3: Employment and training
    • Part 7 (PDF - 324KB)


      • Workshop 4: Support for boards and committees
    • Part 8 (PDF - 254KB)


      • Workshop 5: Wild resource use, culture camps and partnership projects: what do we need from statewide policies to assist in facilitating Aboriginal cultural practices on DEC reserves?
    • Part 9 (PDF - 354KB)


      • Workshop 6: Managing the transition from negotiations to joint management
    • Part 10 (PDF - 765KB)


      • List of participants

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