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Aboriginal people's relationship with their country

Aboriginal people are major stakeholders in park management because their lives and spirituality are related to the land. For Aboriginal people culture, nature and land are all linked.

The Aboriginal peoples of NSW maintain a diversity of living cultures and have a strong and continuing attachment to the land and the waters, to their Country. Aboriginal people have culturally specific associations with the landscape, which are based on each Aboriginal community's own distinct culture, traditions and laws.

Aboriginal communities' cultural associations with their country may include or relate to cultural practices, knowledge, songs, stories, art, paths, landforms, flora, fauna and minerals. These cultural associations may include custodial relationships with particular landscapes. These custodial relationships may determine who can speak for particular Country.

The NPWS acknowledges the inseparable links between Aboriginal culture, land and everyday lives, and acknowledges Aboriginal people's cultural and custodial relationship with the landscape. The NPWS acknowledges that access to land managed by the NPWS provides particular opportunities for Aboriginal people to sustain spiritual and cultural activities. The NPWS wishes to involve Aboriginal people in managing those parks that are part of their country.

Page last updated: 21 October 2011