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Plan to protect environmental assets from lantana - what's new

Plan to protect environmental assets from lantana

The draft plan was available for public comment during May and June 2009. The draft plan can be downloaded via the lantana Weeds of National Significance website.

Monitoring the response of lantana control

As part of the implementation of the Bitou Bush TAP, monitoring guidelines have been developed. The guidelines are now available and can be used for the monitoring of lantana. The monitoring guidelines provide a standardised methodology across a range of differing resource and skill levels to measure the response of the weed to control and the response of the native plant species at risk. Written in consultation with stakeholders and land managers, the monitoring manual proposes a multi-tier approach to monitoring, where different techniques can be used depending on the species present at the site, and the resources and skills of the land manager. The monitoring manual comprises three tiers: standard, advanced and research-level.

Page last updated: 26 February 2011