National Parks & Wildlife Act 1974

Under the National Parks and Wildlife Act, the Director-General of the NPWS is responsible for the care, control and management of all national parks, historic sites, nature reserves, reserves, Aboriginal areas and state game reserves. State conservation areas, karst conservation reserves and regional parks are also administered under the Act. You can look up the differences between these types of protected area.

The Director-General is also responsible under this legislation for the protection and care of native fauna and flora, and Aboriginal places and objects throughout NSW.

National Parks and Wildlife Regulation

This regulation came into effect on 1 September 2002. It governs various activities under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974, including:

  • the regulation of the use of national parks and other areas administered by the NPWS (Part 2)
  • the preservation of public health in Kosciuszko National Park (Part 3)
  • enforcement of obligations of Snowy Hydro Company (Part 4)
  • licences and certificates (Part 5)
  • the protection of fauna (Part 6)
  • the exemption of Aboriginal people from the restrictions imposed by various sections of the Act on the hunting of certain animals and the gathering of certain plants (Part 7)
  • boards of management and plans of management in relation to Aboriginal land (Part 8)
  • advisory committees constituted under section 24 of the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 (Part 9)
  • trustees appointed to trust boards for state conservation areas and regional parks (Part 10)
  • penalty notices (Part 11).

The regulation replaces the former National Parks and Wildlife (Land Management) Regulation 1995, the National Parks and Wildlife (Administration) Regulation 1995 and the National Parks and Wildlife (Fauna Protection) Regulation 2001.

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