What's new in law archives: 2012

Recent significant changes to legislation administered by the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) and related topics are listed below. Links to the text of the new Act, Regulation or Bill are provided where available (obtained from the NSW legislation or NSW Parliament websites in PDF format).

  • For a list of legislation administered by OEH, see legislation.
  • See the Glossary for explanations of these terms: assent, Bill, gazette.

December 2012

  • The Forestry Act 2012 replaces the Forestry Act 1916 and updates and modifies the provisions of the former Act.  The Forestry Commission of New South Wales (trading as Forests NSW) will become a statutory State owned corporation.

November 2012

October 2012

  • The National Parks and Wildlife Legislation Amendment (Reservations) Act 2011 amends the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 to change the reservation status of certain lands in the Wianamatta Regional Park and the Hunter Wetlands National Park.  It also amends the National Parks Estate (South-Western Cypress Reservations) Act 2010 to delay the commencement of the reservation of certain State forests as part of Lachlan Valley National Park and Yathong Nature Reserve.

September 2012

  • The Parramatta Park Trust Regulation 2012 remakes the Parramatta Park Trust Regulation 2007 with amendments. The objectives of the Parramatta Park Trust Regulation 2012 are largely the same as the 2007 Regulation, those being to ensure that the Parramatta Park Trust has the appropriate tools to regulate the conduct of persons on Trust land, as well as regulating the entry of both persons and vehicles to Trust land.
  • The Heritage Regulation 2012 remakes the Heritage Regulation 2005 with amendments. The objectives of the Heritage Regulation 2012 are largely the same as the 2005 regulation, those being to set enforceable minimum standards of maintenance and repair for items on the State Heritage register; to contribute to equitable and adequate funding of heritage protection, including through fees; and to provide for timely decisions regarding listing of state heritage items.

March 2012

  • The Heritage Amendment Act 2011 makes amendments to the Heritage Act 1977. It includes provisions for making changes to the Heritage Council and listing items on the State Heritage Register.

    Most of the provisions of the Heritage Amendment Act 2011 commenced on 1 March 2012, with the remaining provisions expected to commence on a later date in 2012.

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