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Energy efficiency and home heating resources

By taking simple energy saving actions and using power as efficiently as possible, you can save money, reduce electricity supply demands and help protect our environment.

Cold and hot weather often go hand in hand with higher power consumption, which means that when temperatures rise and fall our energy habits change. The biggest challenge is to keep cool in summer and warm in winter without increasing electricity costs.

Here are some tips for saving money during the colder months:

  • block off any unused fire places to prevent heat from escaping
  • open up your curtains to let sunlight heat your home during the day, then close your curtains at night to keep the heat in
  • close off rooms that you aren't using to keep the heat in the rooms you are using
  • heat rooms to a comfortable temperature (18-21 degrees Celsius) - every one degree of extra heating increases your heating costs by 10%
  • take a shorter shower to reduce your hot water usage
  • put on some extra layers - wearing warmer clothing or putting an extra blanket on your bed can keep your power costs down and keeps you cosy too.

Wood smoke

For tips on reducing wood smoke emissions, see the following:

Heating and cooling

For advice on home heating and cooling, see the following:

For more general energy saving advice, see the following:

Financial assistance

The table contains a list of organisations that are able to offer financial assistance and advice.

Type of assistance Who is it for? More information
Centrepay can automate regular small payments from your Centrelink allowance to your energy account to keep you in control of your bills. People who receive regular pension or income support payments from Centrelink.  Contact your energy retailer or visit the Centrepay website
Flexible payment plans can provide options such as extension of time or payment plans. Households experiencing financial difficulties and having trouble paying their energy bills. Contact your energy retailer about their payment assistance program.

No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) offers interest-free loans to purchase household goods.

Lower-income households wanting to purchase essential household items such as whitegoods, furniture and medical equipment.

Contact NILS NSW on 1800 509 994 (freecall) or visit

the NILS NSW website 

Financial Councillors Association of NSW (FCAN) Free help to resolve disputes with your utility supplier. Call 1800 007 007 or visit the FCAN website
Energy and Water Ombudsman NSW (EWON) All NSW households needing help to resolve a dispute with their utility supplier. Call 1800 246 545 or visit the EWON website
Energy Made Easy
From the Australian Energy Regulator
A free independent electricity and gas price comparison website where you can compare offers from gas and electricity retailers.

Call 1300 136 888 or visit the

Energy made easy website



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