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World Heritage Listing - Australian convict sites including the Old Great North Road

World Heritage Listing

The Devine's Hill and Finch's Line sections of the Old Great North Road were World Heritage Listed in July 2010. The Old Great North Road is one of 11 historic sites that together form the Australian Convict Sites World Heritage Property. These sites present the story of the forced migration of convicts and the ideas and practices of punishment and reform of criminals during this time.

The other sites that make up the Australian Convict Sites World Heritage Property are

  • Kingston and Arthur's Vale Historic Area, Norfolk Island (1788-1814 and 1824-1855)
  • Old Government House and Domain, NSW (1788-1856)
  • Hyde Park Barracks, NSW (1819-1848)
  • Brickendon-Woolmers Estates, Tasmania (1820-1850s)
  • Darlington Probation Station, Tasmania (1825-1832 and 1842-1850)
  • Cascades Female Factory, Tasmania (1828-1856)
  • Port Arthur Historic Site, Tasmania (1830-1877)
  • Coal Mines Historic Site, Tasmania (1833-1848)
  • Cockatoo Island Convict Site, NSW (1839-1869)
  • Fremantle Prison, WA (1852-1886).

Collectively they are representative of the global phenomenon of the forced migration of convicts. Each site represents key elements of the story of forced migration of convicts and is associated with global ideas and practices relating to punishment and reform of criminal elements of society during the modern era.

All of the eleven sites included in this World Heritage inscription are also listed on the Australian National Heritage List and are protected by Commonwealth, state and territory legislation and site management plans.

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