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Resort Roundup Issue 23 Winter 2006

You can read issue 23 of the Kosciuszko National Park Resort Roundup below, or download a PDF versionissue 23 of the Kosciuszko National Park Resort Roundup (resortRoundup232006.pdf, 1.1MB).

Download and complete the survey, "Perceptions of the effects of climate change within Kosciuszko National Park General Survey Questionnaire, 2006" (resortRoundup232006Survey.pdf, 22KB)

In this edition:

Workshop to identify gaps between the work of fire ecologist and land managers

The aim of the workshop was to identify gaps between the work of fire ecologists and land managers responsible for fire management, and to review the information emanating from the 2003 wildfires. The main themes included fire regimes, biodiversity and catchment values in the Australian Alps, although relevant case studies from other parts of south-eastern Australia were also tabled for discussion.

The intensity and scale of some of the fire events that burned across the alps during the 2003 wildfi re highlighted some atmospheric interactions that were not fully appreciated until recently. Of particular interest was atmospheric instability caused by the large and accumulative affect of the wildfi res that modified temperature and humidity and hence fire behaviour conditions on the ground. Modern technology in satellite imagery GIS mapping and meteorology has provided a better insight into the effects and prediction of large scale fires - a phenomena predicted to increase as a result of climate change.

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NPWS staff changes

The Department of Planning's Alpine Resorts Team in the Jindabyne office has some new faces. The team now consists of:

Jim Corrigan - Team Leader

Lynda Weston - Administration

John Gargett - Building Surveyor

Daniel James - Planner

Erin Fuller - Environmental Planner

All our contact numbers remain the same: phone 6456 1733 or fax 6456 1736. Please do not hesitate to call us about any issue or if you are thinking of making alterations and additions to lodges, other buildings or other development in the resorts.

Besides assessing development applications, construction certificates and checking building works, the team has a number of projects in progress.

These include:

  • Finalising the Alpine Resorts Plan with the aim of exhibiting later in the year.
  • Preparation of more detailed bushfire hazard mapping and development controls for bushfire planning for the Perisher Range Resorts. The controls should assist with providing Perisher Range Resort lodge owners with more information on what levels of protection are needed for future building works and simplify the development approval process for bushfire planning.
  • Preparation of a guideline on what is required in an application to remove heating oil tanks.
  • Reviewing the Building Classification guideline about how buildings should be classified under the Building Code of Australia and what additional fire safety measures may be required for certain classes of buildings. Keep an eye out for these plans and guidelines as they become available.

The Department of Planning commenced the development management process for the resorts in September 2002. An interesting statistic since that time has been the Department's assessment of 229 development applications for the Kosciuszko Resorts with a total value of $42.15 million.

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Donna Alexander Whilst Megan Bennett continues her maternity leave, Donna will act in the position of Manager, Environmental Services Unit. Donna has over 15 years experience in environmental management. She has previously worked for the Environmental Protection Authority, Roads and Traffic Authority, NSW Railways and NPWS. Recently Donna has been working for the consultancy URS Australia as an environmental planner on many resort-based projects. We wish Donna well in her time with NPWS and working with the resort's community.

Steve Hansen was recently appointed as a permanent officer in the position of Supervisor Operations and Maintenance in the Municipal Services Unit at Perisher Valley. Steve has been acting in the position for over a year and has already been actively engaging the community and visitors across the Perisher Range Resorts and with Charlotte Pass Village.

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