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Kamay Botany Bay National Park: The Meeting Place conservation management plan

The Meeting Place Precinct in Kamay Botany Bay National Park, Kurnell, is a place of profound cultural and historical significance. It is a symbolic meeting place of cultures, from the first meeting between Captain James Cook and Indigenous Australians, to later meetings involving people of differing nationalities and the seeds of a successful multicultural nation.

The park contains remnants, through its monuments, of a time of great discovery. It is still a landscape which holds the plant descendants of those collected by Banks and Solander: a landscape that sustained the Aboriginal people for thousands of years.

Nearby, a wetland of world importance acts as a home for migratory birds and sustains an ecosystem of rare significance. At the gateway to Sydney, the Meeting Place Precinct of Botany Bay is of major importance as a symbol of reconciliation, diversity of life and the timeline of a nation's people.

A master plan for the Meeting Place was developed in 2003 by the NPWS and a community steering group. A number of key projects identified in the 2003 master plan were then implemented by NPWS.   

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