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Royal National Park: proposed access trail

Proposed use and upgrade of access trail in Royal National Park for Bundeena Coast Eco Lodge.

The community was asked to comment on the use of an access trail through a section of Royal National Park for an eco-tourism development in Bundeena, which has been approved by the NSW Land and Environment Court, subject to a number of conditions.

The Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) received a review of environmental factors (REF) from an applicant, proposing the use and upgrade of an access trail across a section of Royal National Park. The REF proposed to use the existing fire trail in the national park as a legal means of access to the Bundeena Coast Eco Lodge site at 60-70 Bournemouth Street, Bundeena.

To consider the impacts of this proposal on the park and the community, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (part of OEH) exhibited this REF and associated documents for public comment.

The REF was available for review and comment from Thursday 1 June to Thursday 15 June 2017. This exhibition period has now closed.

The site comprises of a 440 metre section of existing sealed trail at the south eastern end of Beachcomber Avenue, Bundeena, through to the southern boundary of 60-70 Bournemouth Street, Bundeena (the land owned by the applicant). Should approval be granted to use the access way in Royal National Park, the existing access would therefore need to be widened to 6.5 metres.

The exhibited REF considers the potential environmental impacts associated with the proposal, to meet the requirements of Part 5 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. The REF was prepared by the applicant in accordance with guidelines published by the Office of Environment and Heritage.

Please note: The REF considered only the merits of use and upgrade of the proposed access trail within Royal National Park, not the merits of the proposed eco-tourism development. Public comments on the REF have now closed.

Review of environmental factors

Review of environmental factors supporting documents

The following documents were submitted by the applicant and are appendices to the review of environmental factors (REF).

Consultant reports

Additional documents

Maps and plans


Applicant documents

What happens next?

The proposal and accompanying REF will be assessed by the Office of Environment and Heritage. All submissions will be considered and a decision will then be made on whether the proposal will proceed in its current form, whether conditions should be applied, or whether it should proceed.

If it is determined that the project may proceed, then statutory processes related to the grant of a formal agreement under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 will be progressed. The final decision in whether to grant a formal agreement rests with the Minister for the Environment.

Public consultation

The public consultation for the review of environmental factors was from Thursday 1 June to Thursday 15 June 2017. During this period, members of the public were invited to comment by sending a submission.

The information submitted will only be used for the purpose for which it was collected. The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) complies with the NSW Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 which regulates the collection, storage, access, amendment, use and disclosure of personal information. See the OEH privacy webpage for details.

For more information about the consultation you can contact:

Andres Bianchi
Royal Area Manager
(02) 9542 0632

Page last updated: 16 June 2017