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Royal National Park: request for trail access at Bundeena

Review of Environmental Factors requesting access across a fire trail in the Royal National Park, at Bundeena.

The Office of Environment and Heritage received a Review of Environmental Factors from an applicant requesting access across a trail in the Royal National Park as a legal means of access to the proposed Bundeena Coast Eco Lodge site at 60-70 Bournemouth Street, Bundeena.

Submissions closed 4 August 2017.

Where is the fire trail?

The trail is located at the south-eastern end of Beachcomber Avenue and extends around to the southern boundary of 60-70 Bournemouth St. The requested access comprises 440 metres of existing sealed trail through the national park.

What would this request for access involve?

If access is granted it may involve an upgrade of the existing management trail including widening the track to 6.5 metres and resealing the road. It would also involve the removal of vegetation.

What has happened so far?

The applicant was required to commission an independent review of the potential environmental impact of the access on the fire trail (Review of Environmental Factors). We consulted with the community on this review of the proposed access.

The Review of Environmental Factors document was open for public consultation from Thursday 1 June to Thursday 15 June 2017 and again from 5 July to 4 August 2017.

What happens next?

All submissions on the Review of Environmental Factors will be considered. A decision will then be made on whether the proposal should proceed in its current form, whether conditions should be applied or whether the proposal should be rejected.

Once the assessment is completed, a summary of the submissions will be published on this page.

Page last updated: 07 August 2017