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Cane toad or native frog? Take a test to find out!

Some species of native frogs are easy to mistake for a cane toad - can you tell the difference? Click on the pictures to see the names, sizes and geographic distributions of each frog. Before you kill a cane toad, make absolutely sure it is a cane toad.

Photo: J.Koenig
Photo: M Mahony Croak! (MP3 - 209KB)
Photo: NPWS Croak! (MP3 - 187KB)
Photo: M Mahony Croak! (MP3 - 169KB)
Photo: Michael Murphy Croak! (MP3 - 207KB)
Photo: Michael Murphy Croak! (MP3 - 205KB)
Photo NPWS Croak! (MP3 - 206KB)
Photo: M Dodkin Croak! (MP3 - 209KB)
Photo: Michael Murphy Croak! (MP3 - 171KB)


All frog calls copyright D Stewart, Nature Sound

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