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Identifying a cane toad

Adult cane toads are usually very large - around 9-15 cm (or 3.5 to 5 inches) long. If you find one over 4 cm long, you should be able to identify it from the picture below.

However, smaller toads can easily be confused with native frogs. To make sure you don't kill a native frog by mistake, please take all toads under 4 cm long to a frog expert for identification. If handling them, use rubber gloves.


graphic showing cane toad body parts


Hear a cane toad's call (MP3 file - 204KB)

If you hear this sound in your neighbourhood, it may mean that cane toads have moved in. Try to find out the source of the noise, and see if it's a cane toad.

Cane toad or native frog? Take a test to find out!

People sometimes kill native frogs by accident, thinking they are cane toads. Would you make the same mistake? Look at a series of frogs, listen to their calls, and make sure you know the difference between a friendly local and a noxious pest.

Page last updated: 09 March 2017