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Pests and weeds

Regional pest management strategies

The National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) has prepared regional pest management strategies to manage weeds and pest animals in national parks and reserves across NSW.

These strategies provide a strategic approach to pest management on lands managed by the NPWS under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974, and feed into the delivery of the NSW Biosecurity Strategy 2013-2021.

The regional pest management strategies aim to minimise the adverse impacts of pests on biodiversity, protected areas and the community. They achieve this by identifying the highest priority programs and focusing on these, ensuring that actions are achievable, and delivering measurable outcomes.

The strategies recognise that pest species are a problem across the landscape. Programs are developed and often carried out in collaboration with neighbours, other government agencies, livestock health and pest authorities, local councils, regional pest committees, universities and community groups.

Regional pest management strategies 2012-2017

Community consultation

As part of the process of developing these strategies, a comprehensive stakeholder and community consultation process was undertaken from August to November 2011, to identify areas of interest and issues which needed to be addressed.

Fifteen regional consultation forums were held across NSW, attended by more than 380 stakeholders. This involvement was greatly appreciated by NPWS and the contributions helped ensure that the regional pest management strategies for 2012 to 2017 will result in improved outcomes for the environment, as well as for rural communities and agricultural enterprises whose properties border national parks.

Following regional forums, a state-level stakeholder roundtable forum was held in November 2011. It was hosted by the Minister for the Environment and attended by high-level representatives from government departments and non-government organisations involved in pest management across NSW. The outcomes of the forum were positive, with agreement to improve pest management coordination across the landscape in NSW.

In considering the consultation process, each of the 14 NPWS regions prepared a draft regional pest management strategy, which was placed on public exhibition from 6 December 2011 to 29 February 2012. All submissions received were considered when finalising the strategies. NPWS appreciates the efforts of those who submitted comments on the draft strategies.

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