Environmental issues

Pests and weeds

Supplementary pest control

NPWS is partnering with experienced and skilled volunteer shooters to help reduce pests in 12 national parks and reserves.

By tackling pests such as feral goats, pigs, foxes and rabbits, volunteer shooters are part of a state-wide effort to protect the environment including many of our most threatened plants and animals. Pest animals also cause huge damage to agriculture.

Qualified volunteers are working under direct supervision of NPWS staff to help boost pest control programs already being undertaken through our regional pest management strategies.

NPWS has established robust procedures for the initial selection and recruitment of volunteers to ensure they are appropriately qualified and skilled. Information days are being held for volunteers who have expressed an interest in being involved.

The operational phase of the trial is now underway with the first program completed and others being planned.

The three year supplementary pest control trial is a first for NSW. It will be monitored and evaluated to determine how effective the contribution of this new approach is in reducing pest animal populations and protecting our native species.

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Page last updated: 07 September 2015