Environmental issues

Pests and weeds

Monitoring and evaluation

This is the first scientific study of how effective partnerships with volunteer shooters can be in helping manage pests on public land.

It is investigating the effectiveness of volunteer shooters in helping to reduce pest animal populations and increasing native species populations. It is also considering the cost effectiveness of the program, and its social benefits after three years.

Who will it be monitored and evaluated by?

The Natural Resources Commission (NRC) is undertaking an independent evaluation of the supplementary pest control trial to provide recommendations to Government on the future of the program after three years. This evaluation will consider ecological, social and economic outcomes of the trial.

NPWS and The Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (NSW) Inc will provide input and contribute to the monitoring and evaluation program.

Why three years?

A three year period should allow for consideration of any trends in populations of pests and native species and annual weather variability to be taken into account.


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Page last updated: 31 December 2013