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Will the program be safe?

Yes, the program’s procedures and safeguards will be implemented in the same way as existing pest control operations in our parks and reserves.

Volunteers taking part in the supplementary pest control program must have high level training and competency testing in safe firearms handling, and shooting proficiency that is equivalent to that of NPWS staff.

All shooting operations will take place under a specific operations plan with detailed maps approved by the NPWS regional manager.

There will be NO dogs or NO bows used.  All participants must be over 18.

Will shooters be supervised?

Yes, experienced and trained volunteers will be supervised by NPWS staff. This includes induction and daily briefings. There will also be detailed reporting, data collection and debriefing requirements for volunteers and NPWS staff.

NPWS is recruiting new locally based positions to oversee the supervision of these volunteers as part of the implementation of the program.

Will park visitors be safe?

Yes, reserves or parts of reserves where shooting is occurring will be closed to the public on the days that shooting operations are occurring, just as parks are already closed during professional pest operations.

All pest control activities will be announced in advance. NPWS will provide notification four weeks in advance, and final confirmation will be provided at least 48 hours ahead of any activities.


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Page last updated: 23 December 2013