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NPWS Boundary Fencing Policy

The National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) recognises the importance of working with adjoining landowners to manage common boundaries.

Boundary fencing refers to fencing that is constructed along, or close to, the cadastral boundary of a reserve managed by NPWS.

The Dividing Fences Act 1991 does not require government agencies such as NPWS to be responsible for or share the costs of boundary fencing. Nevertheless, NPWS will contribute to the provision of boundary fencing with reserve neighbours as detailed in this Policy.

The NPWS Boundary Fencing Policy aims to:

  • Explain how NPWS will assist park neighbours in the construction and replacement of boundary fencing.
  • Clarify the obligations and responsibilities of NPWS and adjoining landholders for the construction, maintenance, repair and replacement of boundary fencing.
  • Outline a streamlined process for repairing or replacing boundary fencing that has been damaged or destroyed by fires, floods or other natural events.

Documents to download

This page only gives a summary of the policy. For detailed information, please download the policy at right, together with the model fencing agreement (14281FencingAgreement.pdf, 106 KB).


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