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Cycling, including mountain biking, is a popular and healthy recreational activity which can raise awareness, appreciation and understanding of the natural environment. The National Parks and Wildlife Service aims to provide and promote an appropriate range of opportunities for ecologically sustainable recreational cycling.

Public consultation

On 10 September 2010 the National Parks and Wildlife Service Cycling Policy Review and Sustainable Mountain Biking Strategy Discussion Paper was published to seek public comment on the management and development of mountain biking tracks in national parks and reserves.

We listened to the opinions of over 1000 respondents and have compiled the comments made in submissions and at public meetings in this report.

The feedback we received from the public consultation was overwhelmingly supportive of our proposed new approach to the provision of great cycling experiences and it guided us in revising the cycling policy and developing our Sustainable Mountain Biking Strategy.

NPWS cycling policy

The cycling policy sets the framework for providing and managing cycling experiences in parks. Please use the download button at right to view the policy. The revised policy replaces the previous cycling policy that was published in May 2003.

Sustainable Mountain Biking Strategy

Feedback from the public consultation was overwhelmingly supportive of our proposed new approach to the provision of great mountain biking experiences, and it guided us in developing our Sustainable Mountain Biking Strategy.

The Strategy explains what type of mountain biking is appropriate, outlines what planning requirements will be needed for any new trails, specifies track design requirements and highlights a small number of priority projects. It also encourages continued partnerships between the NPWS and mountain biking groups to improve and maintain mountain biking tracks and adopts a code of conduct so that all visitors can enjoy their time in our parks.

We will work with other land managers and local communities to identify opportunities in the most appropriate sites and to create linkages between existing trails that improve the quality of the ride and sustainability of the track.

This Strategy has a ten year timeframe. A five year review will be conducted to evaluate the success of priority projects and to make sure we are delivering on our promise to create high quality, sustainable mountain biking experiences in NSW national parks and reserves for the community and visitors to our state to enjoy.

Download the Sustainable Mountain Biking Strategy.

Northern Sydney Mountain Bike Consultation

The Metro North East Region of National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) originally identified three potential site options in northern Sydney for a proposed design, assessment and track construction. After a series of preliminary assessments including natural, cultural and Aboriginal heritage, in addition to user demand, the Bantry Bay site in Garigal National Park was chosen as the site to further investigate potential mountain bike track opportunities.

NPWS has proposed the establishment of 2 connected loop trails at Bantry Bay. Any further progress of this proposal is subject to adoption of a proposed amendment to Garigal Plan of Management and approval of the ‘Review of Environmental Factors (REF) relating to a proposal for a new mountain bike track in the Bantry Bay section of Garigal National Park’ as required of NPWS under the EP&A Act. The purpose of the REF is to assess likely environmental impacts and to make a determination as to the project proceeding subject to any necessary mitigating measures. These documents were placed on public exhibition and public submissions are now being reviewed.

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