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Filming & photography policy

This policy provides guidance for managing filming and photography in NPWS parks and reserves, and in marine parks.

The policy aims to:

  • provide clear and consistent guidelines for licensing of commercial filming and photography
  • provide a framework which supports film-makers/photographers and is balanced with the need to manage parks in an environmentally sustainable manner and
  • promote an effective working relationship between film-makers/photographers and the NPWS.

The Filming and Photography Policy and Procedures was updated in 2010 to ensure it meets the requirements of the Filming Approval Act 2004, including amendments to this Act that commenced on 30 March 2009.

This policy addresses such matters as:

  • where filming, including amateur filming, does not require approval
  • streamlined processes for small-scale filming, news and current affairs, and lifestyle and travel programs
  • clarification of what matters are considered when a filming application is being assessed and
  • procedural guidelines for matters such as timeframes for processing filming applications, application of fees, environmental management bonds and insurances.

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