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Firewood policy

This policy covers the collection and use of firewood in parks. Collection of fallen timber is listed as a key threatening process under the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995. As a result, OEH does not allow firewood to be collected in parks for commercial gain or for use off-park.

Park visitors are generally permitted to collect firewood only in low-use 'backcountry' areas, although the park authority may prohibit this practice through a plan of management or by notice erected in the park. In parks other than nature reserves, the park authority may also permit collecting firewood in areas where vegetation has been removed for management purposes or in other areas, designated by the regional manager or a plan of management, where this is assessed as sustainable. In all cases, park visitors collecting firewood can only use it in the area it came from.

OEH may supply sustainably sourced firewood or alternative fuel and cooking facilities at established areas of visitor use where fire is allowed and will attempt to recover costs of this where practicable.To control the risk of pests and pathogens being introduced from wood brought into parks, visitors are encouraged to use alternative fuels, such as gas stoves, rather than bring their own firewood.

This page summarises the full policy. For detailed information please download the full firewood policy opposite. It includes contacts and a list of relevant legislation.

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Page last updated: 07 May 2013