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Revocation, recategorisation and road adjustment policy

From time to time, circumstances may arise which require the revocation, recategorisation or adjustment of boundaries of lands reserved under the National Parks & Wildlife Act 1974 (NPW Act). Lands may be reserved under the NPW Act as a national park, nature reserve, historic site, state conservation area, regional park, Aboriginal area or karst conservation reserve.

This policy deals with:

  • revoking lands reserved under the National Parks & Wildlife Act 1974
  • the recategorisation of lands under the NPW Act, for example changing a national park to a nature reserve, or a state conservation area to a national park and;
  • boundary adjustments - where roads as built on the ground and their supporting infrastructure do not match their legal ‘paper roads’ and adjustments need to be made to correct this.

This policy aims to ensure:

  • consistency in preparing park revocation, recategorisation and boundary adjustment proposals, and
  • the best conservation outcome.

This page only gives a summary of the policy. For detailed information please download the full policy.

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Page last updated: 13 June 2014